Application Development

Topnotch software development team spans the entire spectrum of the software application from inception to deployment. Coupled with proven development methodologies, we deliver complete, turnkey solutions to our clients. At Topnotch, we provide knowledge transfer to our client's for their short term and long-term needs, much after project completion, to ensure seamless departure to upgrade their in-house skills and self-sufficiency. In short, we establish partnerships, not merely project engagements.

We adopt new and emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. Our consultants possess cross-platform skills and knowledge to execute any and all phases of system development including life cycle analysis, design, implementation, program development, system testing and user training and support services. Our expertise covers a broad range of languages, databases, operating systems, hardware, networking and emerging technologies and more. We provide a comprehensive assessment to our clients on all aspects of their IT system including security, e-business solutions, legacy system maintenance and software development, ensuring integration with their internal processes like sales, personal/human resource and finance. We look at all the IT issues facing our clients before assessing their technology needs, both short- and long-term. We team up with our clients to identify areas where investments in technology can achieve dramatic improvement in price performance ratios and other performance metrics. We work in partnership with our clients, offering solutions that are customized to meet their needs. Our solution model is built with a sole objective of meeting our client's business need. It involves:

  • Building Forward Looking Strategies
  • Systems Integration and OperationsImplementing Innovative Technology Solutions
  • Database Modeling and Development Designing Cost-Effective Infrastructure Solutions
  • Responding and Delivering in Real-Time
  • Understanding the Business
  • Analyzing the Systems
  • Assessing Challenges
  • Anticipating Future Needs

We always strive for creative & smarter ways of developing applications for our clients. Our partnership offers a zero-cost ramp-up and ramp-down strategy towards "Just-In-Time" inventory of exceptional talent pool. The driving factors continue to be critical business needs, aggressive time-to-market and affordable budgets. Our flexible delivery model is designed to address all of these.